About Green OliveTours

Green Olive Tours was established in 2007.

Mission Statement

Green Olive Tours is a social enterprise tour agency providing tours that are informative and analytical, covering the history, culture, and political geography of Jordan. The tours provide benefit to the indigenous population through the hiring and training of local tour guides, overnight stays with families & small guest houses, and encouraging visitors to purchase local crafts at small workshops, cooperatives, and fair trade outlets.

The wide range of itineraries in Jordan include interaction with Bedouin and Palestinian refugees.  The complex mosaic of identities, and political viewpoints in the Holy Land are explored in depth. Many of the tours visit sites of historical, cultural and religious interest, placing them within the context of the ongoing analysis provided by the guide.
Green Olive Tours aims to provide our guests with:

  • A cultural, historical and political understanding of Jordan.
  • Visits to cultural, historical and religious sites.
  • Interaction with Bedouin, Palestinians, and other Jordanians.
Jerusalem & the West Bank
The tours in the Occupied Territories visit the Separation Barrier, and travel the roads and tunnels that connect to Jewish settlements. Some tours arrange visits with residents of the territories, both Israeli and Palestinian, that help develop an understanding of the complexities of the relationships. A wide range of information about social, cultural and historical issues is provided that help to link together the sites visited and your previous knowledge about the region into a coherent perspective on the situation. The tours provide a unique opportunity to learn about Palestinian culture, gain first-hand, in-depth knowledge of the situation on the ground, and hear critical analysis from knowledgeable Palestinian and Israeli guides.

Tours inside Israel (West of the Green Line) takes you on a journey of discovery through the peeled back layers of history from the Negev desert to the hills of the Galilee. Almost every part of Israel was transformed after 1948 as the country developed and absorbed millions of Jewish immigrants, at the expense of the former Palestinian residents who became refugees. Green Olive Tours provides information about the destroyed Palestinian villages, the plight of the Bedouin, and examines on the ground the relationship between Israel's Jewish and non-Jewish citizens.

Private Tours
Private tours can be arranged for individuals or groups to almost any part of Israel and the West Bank. They can be custom designed and can include visits with Israeli and Palestinian human rights activists, business leaders, or government officials. Specialized tours can also be arranged for businesspeople or diplomats visiting the region.

Green Olive Tours is administered by Fred Schlomka, a resident of Israel whose family has lived in Palestine for almost 200 years.

In 2003 Fred was awarded a Social Entrepreneur Fellowship from the Echoing Green Foundation in New York for his work in advancing relationships between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel. In addition to his professional work, Fred is also a karate teacher, and a board member of the Traditional Karate Federation of Israel. He has lectured on Israeli/Palestinian issues in Europe and the USA, and his articles have been published widely.