2 days / 1 night - Madaba - Petra

Accommodation options:
• Bedouin camping • 3-star hotel • 4-star hotel •
Pickup options:
• King Hussein (Allenby) Bridge • Sheik Hussein Bridge •
• Amman hotel • Amman Airport • Aqaba • Jerusalem • Tel Aviv
Highlights: • Madaba • Mount Nebo • Kerak • Petra • Meet Bedouin
    Day 1 - You'll be picked up by our representative and drive to Madaba, 30 kilometers south-west of Amman. The site is known for its remarkably well-preserved Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics, including a 6th century mosaic map of Jerusalem. The town is mentioned in the bible (Numbers 21:30 and Joshua 13:9). Then on to Mount Nebo for its fabulous views of the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley. The story is told in Deuteronomy of God showing Moses the promised land from Mount Nebo. According to Jewish and Christian tradition, Moses is buried on the mountain although the site has never been identified.

    Then on to Kerak and a visit to one of the largest crusader castles in the region. It fell to Saladin in the Battle of Hattin but remains ramarkably intact due to this day. After visiting the castle you'll continue to Petra for dinner and overnight at your hotel or Bedouin camp.

    Day 2 - After breakfast you'll have the option of going straight to ancient Petra, or start earlier and take a 3-4 hour hike through 'Little Petra, where you'll see Nabatean cisterns and waterworks that are still in use by local Bedouin. You'll walk though the 'hidden valley', and seeing some spectacular scenery before arriving at the main Petra site through the 'back door'.

    In Petra, if you didn't go on the hike, you'll take a ride on horseback through the famous 'sik' a narrow gorge that is the only access. Whether you hiked in, or rode in by horseback, you'll see the famous Treasury building and the Monastery, Petra's largest monument which dates from the 1st century BC. The origins of Petra date back over 3,500 years, with countless invaders occupying and expanding the site since then.

    In the afternoon you'll drive back to be dropped off at the airport, at your hotel in Amman, or at the King Hussein Bridge (other dropoff options available).